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26 de September de 2017
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23 de October de 2017
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Training capsule at CEESC

Càpsula CEESC



On Thursday 23rd November at 6 p. m., DUNA will hold the training capsule “What is it, what does it mean and how does robotics contribute to the educational environment?” at the CEESC‘s head office in Barcelona.

In this capsule, we will discuss key aspects of robotics and its educational power, like:

  • What are robotics and programming? What does robotics mean, how can or could it contribute to the educational context? And to the formal/non-formal education?
  • Where does it come from and why has its educational application spread in the last few years?
  • How many kinds of methods/tools are there?
  • What do we have to consider if we offer workshops or activities related to robotics and programming in our centers?

The capsule will be given by Isabel Maestre, director of DUNA education, mobility and sustainability SL, member of the Cruïlles programme of the CEESC.

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