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20 de May de 2019
We celebrate the environment’s day with Barcelona + Sostenible.
14 de June de 2019
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DUNA dynamizes TRAM’s activities in the 20th day of the Education for Security Service

One more year, DUNA took part in the day organized by the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona, driving the activities of TRAM. The event took place in the Parc del Fòrum and involved around 2,250 students from different schools and ages.

In our space they spent 590 students who, with a gymkhana of three Tests adapted to each level, went through the definitions and characteristics of the TRAM, as well as rules of civility that we must take into account in all transport and public spaces.
Eat the first test, the participants met the “Memory”; A very visual game that allowed the pupils to form pairs between affirmations and corresponding images. Then, the “Mocador” test; In which two teams were formed per group and, after hearing a question had to run to look for the correct answer. Finally, we released the new TRAMgram, a test in which, according to guidelines dictated by a colleague, they had to find the correct position of the pieces to form the correct drawing of TRAM.

All of them were collaborative tests that encouraged teamwork, socialization and public transport awareness.