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4 de July de 2019
We celebrate the 15 years of TRAM
17 de September de 2019
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Happy 30 years of TASCA!

From DUNA, we congratulate our neighboring company in the Grup Iddix, TASCA for its 30 years working in the sociocultural sector, creating and promoting initiatives for all audiences from Civic Centers and Casales.

This year they have made us participate in their annual meeting in the Fabra i Coats space, in which through a revitalization led by the Basket Beat team, we were able to create rhythms and coordination with balls, with the intention of achieving a common goal empathizing and respecting the different existing rhythms.

The meeting in which coordinators, informants and managers of the spaces managed by TASCA participated, as well as the direction and management of the company, was a great opportunity to create synergies and connections between us.

Congratulations and for many more!