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18 de February de 2019
YOMO’19 returns to the Farga of L’Hospitalet with a total success.
11 de March de 2019
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KID’S EVENTS: how to transmit values ​​and experiences through events.

DUNA participated in the KID’S EVENTS event, organized by the KID’S CLUSTER at Casa Golferich.

On this occasion, Sonia Barahona reminded us of a series of important notes so that a child and family audience event was a great success. We must remember that an event is the expression of a brand and we have to be clear “who we are and what we want to convey.” He also mentioned that this type of conference should be a macro experience and a micro experience, since we have to reach all the members of the family, and at the same time offer a personalized and close treatment for each one of them.

The session continued with 6 member companies that exhibited their novelties and experiences in children’s and family events. Next, a dynamic was proposed in which, the attending members put us in groups and we had to represent with photographs a KID’S EVENT.