8 de April de 2019

5th RoboTAC educational robotics day.

On April 6th, the fifth RoboTAC educational Robotics day was celebrated at FAB Casa del Mig Mig Multimedia. The educational project by DUNA, ApPa, was responsible for promoting the workshops and competitions […]
8 de April de 2019

DUNA to the general assembly of the KID’S CLUSTER 2019

On March 29 DUNA attended the general meeting of KID’S CLUSTER partners. On this occasion, the day began playing a leading role in the city and its relationship with the game. It […]
25 de March de 2019

Take care, watch and walk to MOBILONA 2019

On March 20, the MOBILONA was held in Badalona under the watchword, look and walk. This day arises from the framework of the Road Safety and Education Education Committee of Badalona. The […]
25 de March de 2019

ApPa with the educational innovation of the Institució Montserrat.

ApPa has visited the Institució Montserrat School of Barcelona with the mission of catching the invisible and incívode monster that makes people sad when it happens. With the help of educational robots […]
11 de March de 2019

YOMO’19 returns to the Farga of L’Hospitalet with a total success.

For the second edition at the Farga of L’Hopspitalet and with total success, returns The Youth Mobile Festival (YOMO) . The festival for young people that collects science, art, technology, design, engineering […]
18 de February de 2019

KID’S EVENTS: how to transmit values ​​and experiences through events.

DUNA participated in the KID’S EVENTS event, organized by the KID’S CLUSTER at Casa Golferich. On this occasion, Sonia Barahona reminded us of a series of important notes so that a child […]
18 de February de 2019

Starts the 1st ExpoEduca in Barcelona

This 2019 come with the celebration of the 1st ExpoEduca in Barcelona at Hotel Avenida Palace. In this first edition, a group of schools and educational centers for the public from 0 […]
13 de February de 2019

We attend the TAC Days of the Flos i Calcat Foundation

On 8th and 9th of February , at CosmoCaixa, the TAC Conference convened by the Fundació Privada Flos i Calcat was held with the aim of reflecting on the digitization process in […]
13 de February de 2019

The Octavio Paz School. Educational transformation.

DUNA visited the educational center Octavio Paz with the Edutech Cluster in Barcelona. The visit allowed us to know the facilities of the center and its learning methodology, with which they have […]
12 de February de 2019

DUNA at 19th Scratch Meetup

Part of the DUNA team participated in the last Scratch Meetup in Barcelona. These Meetups are organized by the ScratchEd and are monthly meetings where teachers, educators and trainers can exchange ideas […]
8 de February de 2019

Edutech Cluster Matchmaking

On 31 January, DUNA participated in the Matchmaking session organized by the Edutech Cluster. It was a great opportunity to get to know the participating members better. The day went on with […]
7 de February de 2019

Education advances in 360 key.

DUNA was present at the “Education progress advances 360” of EDUCATION 360, which attracted 800 people from 145 Catalan municipalities. It is an educational initiative that wants to make a connection between […]