The 11th edition of the’Youth and Mobility’ Contest is now closed
21 de June de 2018
ApPa CREATE within the BIBLIOLAB -DIBA framework
27 de April de 2018

The collaboration between ApPa and Abacus continues with five new sessions

Thanks to the great success of the first cycle of educational robotics and programming workshops taught by ApPa team educators and aimed at children aged 4 to 7, we continued with 5 new ApPa CREATE sessions at the ABACUS Balmes bookstore.

The ApPa project, “Aprender a programar, programar para aprender” (Learning to program, programming to learn), allows to start programming in an attractive and simple way, and encourages divergent thinking.

In the workshops, the children get to know different educational robots and learn the process to follow to make them work, as well as the necessary commands to move them.