1 de February de 2019
29 de January de 2019

DUNA at Punta Grande Endesa Power Station

More than 300 students of Secondary, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training visited the Endesa Power station of Punta Grande on October 2018.

In collaboration with Endesa Educa, DUNA led this project with the aim of promoting energy saving, sustainability and also, to publicize the different types of electrical generation.

The students attended an introductory talk about the safety and environment policies of the Island and saw what route made the energy to reach our private use.

The project was very well received by the schools of Lanzarote and it is planned to repeat this day in the near future.

ENDESA EDUCA is an educational project focused on energy education. It was born by the need of promoting a new social awareness in which energy sustainability and saving must be a priority. To do so, ENDESA EDUCA offers a series of free educational activities aimed at schools. DUNA is proud that ENDESA has relied on us for the creation and development of this educational project and all its activities.