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27 de April de 2018
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21 de March de 2018

El Nostre TRAM

The “El Nostre TRAM” activity is aimed at people over 65 who are actual or potential TRAM users.

We work on all the steps to follow when making a trip with TRAM, placing special emphasis on safety, autonomy, orientation and priority use. In the first part of the activity, participants analyze the aspects that make up a TRAM trip. In the second part, the participants put into practice all the knowledge acquired by travelling by tram into practice.

If the activity takes place at the TRAM facilities, the session is complemented by a guided tour of the facilities.

You can find more information at: EL NOSTRE TRAM

TRAM is the company that manages the tram in Barcelona. The relationship with DUNA started in 2007 with the management of its first educational action. Currently, TRAM is firmly committed to education and has its own educational project, which has been awarded the seal of quality by the Institut Municipal d'Educació de Barcelona and the ICE. TRAM trust s in DUNA the design of all the activities of the educational project, its dissemination and management.