Cycling and the Bike Festival 2019
25 de March de 2019
Puja al Bus! in to the European Mobility Week
4 de February de 2019

First edition of the Setmana de la Robòtica Social

The first edition of the Setmana de la Robòtica Social, was held in CosmoCaixa from February 25 to March 1.

The DUNA project, ApPa (Learn to Program Program to learn), has been responsible for creating and conducting the activities of the event.

The activities were considered in a very participatory and dynamic way, with material resources of a technological nature, and adapted for special education students. The result was very rewarding for the interest and motivation they presented. Another educational sector addressed to the activities of the Week of Social Robotics was secondary education. In this case, the students of ESO participated in an activity oriented to the reflection on how we are coexisting with the robots and towards which future we walk. The adolescent students were very reflective with the subject proposed and with a great argumentative capacity when it comes to defending their ideas against their classmates.

The aim of this seminar is to bring technology closer to the citizenry, making it a part of technological advances and possible applications (some applications are part of the “Smart City” program) through activities, presentations and debates of scientific character.