29 de January de 2019
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21 de June de 2018
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DUNA’s new collaboration with GRUPO EDEBÉ

The DUNA team has collaborated in the process of creating and writing the contents of a new didactic guide on robotics for children’s education, a project promoted by GRUPO EDEBÉ, an editorial group specialized in educational contents, with the support of the RO-BOTICA space shop.

Through this didactic guide, Edebé brings to the classrooms of nursery school the educational robotics, an interdisciplinary teaching system that promotes the development of skills and competencies in students, and learning by discovery as a tool for problem solving.

Through the game, the curricular contents can be approached from a practical and motivating perspective, and the students can be introduced to the programming language in a spontaneous, immediate and easy way, without the need for previous knowledge of robotics.

The educational robot chosen by this project is the Bee-Bot, which offers the necessary functionalities to introduce the programming language at an early age (3 to 7 years old).

Edebé is a publishing group specialised in educational content - textbooks and children's and young people's literature - which emerged in the early 1980s as a continuation of the historic Don Bosco publishing house. With the advent of the School 2.0 Program, Edebé launched a program for the creation of educational content adapting it to the new digital supports, and became a provider of comprehensive educational services with management and learning platforms. The Group is established in Spain with the Edebé label for the Spanish and Catalan language markets and through the publishing houses Rodeira in Galicia, Giltza in the Basque Country and Marjal in the Valencian Community for the different regional markets. It has ubsidiaries in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.