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Closed the deadline to participate in the “Joves i Mobilitat” contest

On the 27th of April, the deadline for the submission of entries for the Youth and Mobility contest,  organised by the REAL AUTOMÓVIL CLUB DE CATALUÑA (RACC) with the collaboration of the Catalan Transit Servic, was closed.

The main objective of the competition is to promote attitudes that encourage a new way of moving among young people. In this 11th edition, the main theme was “Road safety and coexistence between different ways of moving around: car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrians”.

Participation in the competition, which opened in December 2017, was aimed at students between 13 and 17 years of secondary school, high school and training cycles in schools and boys and girls, of the same age group, members of young people’s camps or leisure centres in Catalonia.

The young participants were able to give their views on safe, sustainable and responsible mobility through three categories. The total number of papers received is 772, divided into three categories:

  • Graphic ads: 326
  • Video-stories: 202
  • Opinion pieces: 244



The jury will deliver its verdict on May 22nd, when the 2 finalists of each category will be announced. The communication will be done through the tutors of the groups, the contest website and the social networks. In June, the winners will be announced and the awards ceremony will take place in Barcelona.

Thank you very much for participating and…may the best man win!

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