Happy 30 years of TASCA!
17 de September de 2019
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We celebrate the 15 years of TRAM

On the occasion of the 15 years of TRAM, DUNA attended the celebration of this anniversary on 16 September. The place chosen to celebrate the event was the Water Museum of Barcelona, ​​and enjoyed a debate about the transport and mobility very interesting moderated by the Esther Vera of the newspaper ARA, and with the participation of the Zaida Muxi i in MAteu Turró. And we really are in luck, since the tram is currently one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly transports, which has displaced more than 350 million travelers since the end of the 90’s, the date on which it goes bet on its recovery from now on. As he made an amendment to Damià Calvet, “The current objective is to make the tram grow. More and better public transport, and more and better tram.”

On our part, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to continue driving the tram’s educational project, because the union between DUNA and TRAM has made the education service beat a record of activities, exceeding 190 last year 2018/2019. Wish a lot of achievements and for many more years of celebration and joint work.