DUNA dynamizes TRAM’s activities in the 20th day of the Education for Security Service
24 de May de 2019
International mission with KID’S CLUSTER to dicover LEGO® and the Capital of Children
2 de July de 2019
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We celebrate the environment’s day with Barcelona + Sostenible.

Last June 5th was World Environment Day and from DUNA, we decided to celebrate it in the day proposed by Barcelona + Sostenible. The chosen location was the Francesca Bonemaison space. This second edition, collected 130 people from the network BCN + Sostenible, and we were able to meet 10 good practices of some of the participating organizations. The whole plan had carefully chosen details and consideration for the environment, such as space “How did you come? ” through which were able to count the CO2 emissions emitted by the people attending, depending on the means chosen To reach the celebration, obtaining a favorable outcome. Another example of environmental awareness was the awards granted; Plants and biodegradable materials to recognise the quality of the award-winning proposals.

The journalist Clara Sánchez-Castro was the act’s conductor, giving way to Imma Pruna, manager of the Barcelona Provincial council’s environment services. This, he talked about the network of cities and peoples towards sustainability, mentioning that “we share objectives, work together. We are friends networks. ” He then gave a touch of attention to the heads and politicians to become more involved in matters related to sustainability. He then took part in Frederic Ximeno, Commissioner of Ecology of the Barcelona City Council, who recalled the situation of environmental emergency in which we are and that the aspiration that has is that the whole city is part of the B + S network.